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(male announcer) this is bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. byrne. her body was discovered lake tahoe.and tonight.a vigil was held in her memory in petaluma. we start our team coverage tonight in lake tahoe. kron 4's philippe djegal is there with the latest. philippe? >> reporter: she was found
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by utility workers. it was spotted friday morning, 10 ft. off of pioneer trail. >> it was found by utility workers she was discovered. they found the body on a large and pavement. >> she was fully clothed and a tattoo helped to identify the body. >> there does not seem to be anything foul play. the el
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dorado couny sheriff's department says crews planned on searching for alyssa byrne in the snow this morning. but before they left. she had already been found. the last time the el dorado county sheriff's department says 19-year-old alyssa byrne was seen. eve. that is until her body was spotted friday morning. ten feet off pioneer trail near black bart avenue. lieutenant pete van arnum says she was fully clothed. he says a tatoo helped identify her body. byrne was found about five miles away from this hotel. where the sheriff's department says she was staying with friends and family. byrne was in town for a three day music festival at lake tahoe community college. >> we do not know if it was hypothermia. >> reporter: at this time, investigators don't know if she got lost walking back to the hotel from the concert. or, went for a walk. investigators also say some witnesses tell them that byrne was intoxicated that night. it's still not clear how she died. byrne's body has been taken to sacramento for a forensic autopsy. which the sheriff's department says will be performed this weekend. live in south lake tahoe, philippe djegal, kron four news. twitter pages.
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together and remembers alyssa as a little sister. keep in mind that this area is covered with snow right now. this utility worker this morning said that the body was about 10 ft. off the road. grant, kron 4. >> this candlelight vigil was held where hunters gathered to remember elise oa >> many people gathered near
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the lacrosse field where she used to play. many people were making a memorial near the field she was an athlete and love to play lacrosse, basketball...a lot of people care about her. she has friends all around town, all ages and she has a very special place in our hearts. >> reporter: aslyssa's friend olivia is still coming to terms with her death. >> usually, i get flowers for someone's birthday. i've never had to do something like this, like, for losing someone. i've never had to do something like this for someone i really cared about. it's all very strange. >> reporter: alyssa used to call her friends turtles, so, ashley and olivia got matching tattoos to remember her by. >> it was just something everyone knows about her. and, we just did her initials as well.
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>> reporter: alyssa's friends say she was very popular and nice to everyone she met. i'm jeff bush in petaluma, kron four news. >> catherine: stay with kron-4 as we continue to follow the investigation. updates are also available on our website, kron-4-dot- com, and our facebook and twitter pages. a 19-year old gang member is now facing a list of charges including murder. that's following tuesday's deadly crash in san francisco's mission district. david morales had his first court appearance today and kron 4's dan kerman was there. >> reporter: shackled at the wrists and wearing a jail issued orange sweatshirt and pants, 19 year old david morales appeared in court friday but did not enter a plea the media was also not allowed to show his face on camera >> we are going to be prosecuting this case to the fullest extent. >> reporter: at a news conference friday, district attorney george gascon said morales is the gang member who shot at three people on tuesday then led police on a high speed chase through
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san francisco's mission district before running a red light and crashing into another vehicle killing two people and injuring a third >> he is under the condition of a felony. he killed someone that now is felony murder. >> reporter: in addition to 2 counts of murder, morales also faces 3 counts of attempted murder, evading arrest and participating in a gang the d.a. says though only 19, morales has been involved in gang for sometime, and said his arrest should be a wake up call for parents. >> any sign of gang involvement at an early age, 11, 12, 13 a. should because parents to relieve pretension and get them out of gangs. so they do not have to go to prison wd buddy hurtin80 years old -- boy
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hurting someone else. if there 18 year-old -- and already in trouble with the law. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> the naked man involved in a tense police stand-off in san jose on new year's day was in court today. police say charles bennett had a samurai-style sword and an assault rifle. officers say he brandished the sword.before finally dropping it in that face- off. they later found the gun in his car. bennett did not enter a plea today. >> jacqueline: othat tail end of that system will bring us rainfall. however tonight will be chilly and the rain will be moving in the late. we will time it out on futurecast, coming up. >> catherine: them nake the nakn involved in a tense police
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stand off in san jose on the year's day was in court. charles bennett had a samurai style sword and an assault rifle he brandished the sword before finally dropping it in the face of that letter from the gun in his car. he was in court and did not enter a plea today. and here's video from that standoff. this is video from sky-7 h- d. what they call "non-lethal" projectiles. but he didn't give up.he jumped a fence.took a hard fall before stabbing the sword into the ground and surrendering. coming up. could a small piece of platinum pay off the country's debt? that's what some economists and lawmakers are suggesting. we'll legendary, coach retires and also a record amount for a
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30 second super bowl ad...and the latest from the 49er's..
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investigators now say chevron firefighters responding to a small richmond refinery leak may have accidentally punctured a main pipeline. the fire happened august 6th.sending a cloud of gas and black smoke through the area. reports say the 40-year-old pipe already was weakened before the fire. and may have been punctured from the outside. investigators are examining firefighter tools to determine if they accidentally damaged the line. parking on the weekends in san francisco just got more expensive. starting this sunday, it's no longer free to park sundays in the city. you must now feed the meters from noon to 6 p.m. there won't be any sunday parking tickets issued until january 27th. but after that - a ticket will cost nearly 60 dollars. the new sunday parking could bring in another 2-million dollars a year for the city. >> jacqueline: big changes >> jacqueline: big changes for[ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals
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congress has finally put the fiscal cliff mess behind it. but there are still plenty of financial problems for lawmakers to tackle. next up - the debate over the debt ceiling. republicans say they don't even want to talk about it, until president obama is ready to start talking about spending cuts. but as brian todd reports, the president could get the money he needs to keep the government running, without
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any help from capitol hill. >> the president says that he will not to negotiate with congress over lifting the debt ceiling. >> will not play that game. >> the president might not want to have this debate but he is going to have because this is what the country needs it. >> is there a magic bullet to solve the crisis? " what a magic going. some legal scholars are suggesting a one trillion dollar platinum coin you could be minted. if they could use that to pave the debt. to pay the debt-- and it sounds silly but it is absolutely illegal. >> why do think that it is a a? >> i think that it is better than a government shutdown or the bad alternatives.
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>> technically it appears to be legal. the u.s. government print money but how much paper can be in circulation at one time portholes so they would limit the denominations that gold, silver, copper could be but there's no limit on platinum. the president can issue a platinum and they can print it one trillion dollars. the president can be ordered that the deposited into the federal reserve. >> when the treasury writes checks the will catch them. >> the money would never be in public circulation disorder would not cause inflation. but that will only temporarily pay the bills it will not burn down the long-term debt. that is also a conservative argument. >> i think this is just pixie dust. it is just
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another washington gimmick. minting new coins is not a point to a to do with the fundamental problem. and what of that corn got stolen? like in this parody on this movie? [laughter] >> that was brian todd reporting. none of this would require congressional consent. that was brian todd reporting. apparently, if the trillion government could just mint another one. and, by the way, none of this would requirebut there's no word yet on whether president obama would actually consider it. >> and more money woes to talk about. a new report released today says that employees with the california department of parks and recreation intentionally hid millions of dollars from the state. kron 4's charles clifford has more. >> reporter: last summer it was discovered that the california department of parks and recreation may have had up to 54 million dollars hidden in two accounts. the news was
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particularily shocking because at the time california was considering closing down dozens of state parks due to a lack of funding the news also resulted in the resignation of parks and rec director ruth colemn. but in this new report, the state attorney generals office concludes that 34 million dollars of that money was innocently misplaced, the remaining 20 million, however, was being kept a secret and park and rec employees knew about it. according to the attorney generals office, sometime in the mid nineteen nineties, the secret fund began to grow, unintentionally, as a result of what basically amounts to complex accounting errors. parks and rec employees were aware of the fund, but year after year failed to report the problem to the state department of finanace. after interviewing more than 40 state employees, the attorney generals office concludes that employees hid the money because they were worried that the department's budget would be cut if the money was discovered. they were also apparently embarrassed that deception had gone on for so long. the report also notes that over the years park and rec employees consistently requested, without success, that their superiors address the issue. while the report concludes that the fund was intentionally kept a secret, the a.g.'s office found no evidence that any of the money was stolen. it
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simply sat unused for years, a reserve of money with no purpose. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: changes coming to the forecast with rainfall. tomorrow and a lingering showers for sunday evening. monday, drier conditions it is going to be cold overnight. clearing skies and these clouds are right offshore. associated with this system in notice spotty cloud pattern in the wake of this main band. indicating showers. they look at the futurecast with the rainfall moving into the north bay. moderate over santa rosa. this will continue to press to the east with rain over the north bay. and the inland valleys. a lingering
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showers by 4:00 p.m. in the same apply six notice things are going to clear out by sunday but we are going to see that spot the shower activity. the time frame will largely be 1/2 inch but the coastal hills, the mountains conceit different amounts. this could also lowered the of our local snow fl levels f 4,000 ft.. it should be smooth sailing. >> catherine: in sports. possibly the greatest coach in bay area sports history retires after 34 seasons. and heisman trophy winner "johnny football" finishes his season in style. gary's next with all the highlights.
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>> bob ladouceur retires (cheers & applause) >> gary: the winningest high school football coach of all time.delasalles bob ladadour went out on top today ladoucuer 34 years. as a coach howl
11:26 pm
impressive? how impressive, they are making a movie about his life focusing on the 151 winning streak. double of what any other team has achieved. he will stay at the school he teaches religion. when you have a week between gamnes.the media needs a story. who is going to be the kicker? akers or cunfiff coach?
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>> i cannot really think about it as a competition. i am just going in to practice so i would normally practice. >> it has been laid out very quickly and clearly. and to not worry about anything else just give us your trust. your best. and professional. football the super bowl is february third. in the new orleans. super bowls ads $4 million per 30 second spot. last year it was 3.5 million. the popularity of football apparently is never ending. >> cotton bowl - texas a&m vs oklahoma
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heisman winner johnny manziel aka "johnny football" 41-13manziel gets out of trouble and turns it into a 23-yard touchdown run manziel set a cotton bowl record of 516 total yards 229 rushing 287 passing he also had 3 td final: 41-13 tyexas a&m >> wmn hoops stanford colorado womens hoops - stanford vs colorado tara vanderveer trying to bounce back aftr a blowout loss to uconn 6-3 center joslyn tinkle hits a 3-pointer to start chiney ogwumike hits the final: 57-40 stanford womens' hoops - cal vs utah joanne boyle and her #7 lady1st half final: 55-50 cal
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